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What is Shira's Favorite Prenatal Yoga Pose?

Drum role please...Cat Cow!

I love this pose both during pregnancy, labor and beyond! It's a great position during pregnancy to relax after a long day... to release tension and allow your uterus to move forward (and create better alignment for delivery!) Similarly, during labor...your partner or doula can easily access your hips or lower back to provide counter pressure. You can also sync your breath with your movements in this position during labor to help you physically and mentally relax. 

Easy steps to get into this pose:

  1. Place a folded blanket on the floor for your knees, and get on your knees, hip-width apart - or as wise as you like!

  2. Put your hands on the floor, shoulder-width apart.

  3. Move your hips in gentle circles, in all directions, whatever feel's good.

  4. Push your hands into the floor, and inhale while you arch your back and tilt your eyes up.

  5. After a few seconds, exhale slowly while you curve your back the opposite way, drawing your baby into your spine.

  6. Repeat as many times as feels good. And use this pose during labor and delivery if you'd like!

What do YOU love about cat cow??

yoga instructor helping pregnant woman in cat cow pose


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