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The Village Signature Group

Our six pillars of this revolutionary model bridge the gap and offer support when you need it most, from pregnancy THROUGH parenthood.

Launch Event

Our program begins with a fun, relaxed evening event to mingle and connect.

Support from Your Village Leaders

Your Village Leaders are here for you every step of the way and are available to answer any questions, concerns or just to connect.

 Virtual Meet-ups

Continue the connection in our weekly virtual meet-ups to ensure you are prepared for a smooth transition into parenthood. 

In-person Meet-ups

Once everyone's baby has come earth-side, we will commence in-person meet-ups with experts in the field of infant feeding, sleep and overall wellbeing. Lunch provided!

Private Group Chat

Join our private chat just for your group members, moderated by your Village Leaders. 

Friends for the next stages!

Your village of friends has now been through so much together and will have opportunities to keep the momentum going as your babies grow!

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