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Boston Birth Village serves the Boston area and provides a place where expecting parents can feel supported, informed, and well-equipped to take on the challenges of childbirth and parenthood.

Baby's on the move
Mom and dad at Boston Birth Village


We offer a variety of services such as community outreach, birth and postpartum doulas, childbirth classes, prenatal & postnatal Yoga, Just for Dads, and much more. Our team is comprised of experienced professionals who are dedicated to helping parents make informed choices and feel empowered.


There is so much to learn about having a baby, and it can be overwhelming!  The Birth Village is here to help with childbirth education, postpartum planning, and access to a network of experienced and trusted providers.

Pregnancy Exercise
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Words from Members of our Village

"As if her wealth of knowledge and lived experience wasn't enough, you could always count on Yaffa to bring a yummy meal and hold your babe so you could actually eat it. Highly recommend!"

-Kat, Newton

"Shira made the classes engaging and personable. When friends ask me about giving birth and preparing, I always share that I did this class!"

-Elizabeth, Cambridge

Doula Services

Empowering and Connecting Parents Every Step of the Way

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"The most valuable part of the group was knowing I'm not alone and there is a "village" out there of moms in the same boat!"

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