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About Boston Birth Village

Boston Birth Village provides community, education and support during pregnancy, birth and throughout parenthood. We offer a variety of services, classes and support groups that provide parents with the resources and skills they need to feel informed, at ease and connected.

Our company was born in 2023 but the roots go back 14 years, when Shira’s first child was born, and we experienced first-hand some of the challenges of birthing and parenting a tiny human. Throughout the years, we have witnessed ourselves, our friends and our respective clients face challenges in different ways, and we want to do our part in alleviating some of the stress during what should be a very special time. 

Birthing people deserve:

  • Knowledge and choices about the birth process

  • Support before, during and after the baby arrives

  • Friendship with others going through a similar experience

  • Access to professionals who can help along the way!

We are sisters who have each birthed three children. We have been there for each other and our motto has always been “do not suffer alone.” Now we have teamed up to open our village to the Boston Community.

Our Mission

babies on their tummies looking at each other, on a colorful mat


It really does take a village, and we can help you build yours! Our groups will give you the community you've always wanted.

babies on their tummies and a mom looking over them during a moms group


Learning about having a baby can be overwhelming! Boston Birth Village is here to help with childbirth education, post partum planning, and access to a network of experienced and trusted providers.


When you're a part of the Boston Birth Village, answers to your burning questions are just moments away. A supportive village is what you need to feel good about your birth and postpartum time.

babies on their tummies looking at each other during a moms group
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