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Karla Degroot

Postpartum Doula

Karla is a seasoned nanny and birth worker with over 13 years experience caring for new families and their little ones. Karla is also an EMT, postpartum doula,birth doula, nanny, and lactation consultant. She loves helping new and repeat parents find their new rhythm while making sure parents feel supported and that they have a source of guidance during those very hard first weeks. Karla started her career as a nanny and in working with a few families with newborns found her lover of birth/ postpartum work. She began by certifying as a Newborn Care Specialist, then Postpartum/Birth, and most recently trained in the Asian postpartum tradition of “Sitting the mont”— or zuo yuezi. Karla focuses on helping new and repeat parents find their new rhythm. Background and Training * Trained Birth Doula * Trained Postpartum Doula * Certified Newborn Care Specialist * Certified in Infant, Child and Adult CPR * EMT (2012) Home + Family Karla and family spend their time between their two properties, where she's usually found playing with her three boys or reading. Karla provides doula care in Boston and suburbs.


Karla Degroot
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